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What you may already know about Appliance Care, or don't know, and maybe they just didn't tell you about when you bought the Appliance. Well the Layton's are happy to help and maybe even save you some money!

.Here are some ways to keep you Refrigerator going as long as possible. Clean the Door Gaskets with warm soapy water then just warm water to remove any residue. A sticky gasket leads to a torn gasket and possibly another unwanted repair.

Clean the coils, of coarse unplug the fridge first. Dirty coils don't allow the air to circulate properly and could cause the compressor to overheat, and you will probably lose hundreds when your food spoils or cause other parts to break from stressing the compressor. Having  just  said that, because your fridge gets warm doesn't mean its from dirty coils. It could be something else, but fixable none the less.

Enjoy your filtered water, but not the cost of replacing the filter every 3 months. Then don't, well at least not as often or just because the light comes on. Replacing the filter depends on how often its used and water quality. We advise replacing it every 6 months not 3, unless you have a house full and or terrible water quality even then every four months should suffice.

Last but not least protect it with a surge protector, or have an electrician install a whole house surge protector. You will be happy you did when you save hundreds on repairs because a storm didn't take out expensive electronic parts.

Does your ice taste weird? Smells from your fridge and freezer can affect the way your ice tastes, so seal up those containers well, and throw out old food. Still having problems give you refrigerator a good cleaning top to bottom and put a box of odor neutralizer in fridge and one specifically designed for your freezer, ice cube and freezer deodorizer. The Layton's hope this will take care of your problem but sometimes it takes replacing part(s), give us a call and we will take care of it.

Dyer taking to long to dry? Well if you didn't know this already, this could cause a more expensive repair. Let the team at Layton's Appliance Repair take care of you before it's too late!

,Your Dryer, while it is hard to mess up the engineering, there are still things you can do to prolong its life. Clean out the lint trap after every use. Just because you can put it on timed dry doesn't mean it always needs 80 minutes to dry those t-shirts, and will actually wear them out sooner. Keep up on regular maintenance instead of waiting for it to break, yes parts can naturally wear out that doesn't mean you need to replace the whole dryer. Let the Layton's Appliance Repair team give your dryer a check up, we advise once every 4 to 5 years for normal use. We will even take a look at your other appliances while we are there.

What they don't tell you about front load washers before you buy them! Leave the door cracked the littlest amount makes all the difference and could save you hundreds, no the vents in the back are not enough to allow moisture to escape. Tired of the smell, you don't need special packets to keep them clean. Vinegar or bleach works just as well, but never use them at the same time rotate every other month. Are you happy that you at least are saving water, well the thing is it doesn't save on electricity or time and usually have more costly repairs. Although, cheaper than buying a new one. Last but not least, probably wouldn't have guessed but yes they now put filters on frontload washing machine, so clean out those pockets because it's not always simple to clean out the filter, but we would be happy to show you how!

It's probably most important to have a whole house surge protector for the sake of your stove/oven and dryer, because you can't put a protector in-line with these or any appliance that take 240v to run. Like your self cleaning feature, sometimes using this can actually break your oven, but not every time. So if you can avoid using it then I would. It may take longer to clean it by hand but doing it frequently helps and could save you money. Have a glass top? Be careful not to set down a heavy bag of groceries on it, this could crack it. Does your cooktop look a little ruff, then try a cooktop cleaner, it comes with a special cleaning pad that won't scratch it.

Dishwasher not cleaning as well, has a bad smell, or just looks really dirty. Pre-rinse, pre-rinse, pre-rinse, we can't say it enough. Just because it's advertised that you don't need to doesn't mean you shouldn't. When you pack it full of really dirty, grimy, and greasy dishes it actually wears out parts on your dishwasher and can cause parts to break costing you money in repairs. That bad smell could just be because of your water quality or perhaps it needs a good cleaning. Instead of buying those expensive cleaning products just pour a cup of vinegar in and wash on a hot heavy duty cycle then wipe clean. After, do the same with a cup of bleach to sanitize. Wait till your dishwasher starts to bring in water before opening and pouring in your vinegar or bleach but never use them together.

A word of advice from the experts at Layton's Appliance Repair, never run your Dishwasher, Washer, or Dryer when asleep or not home. This way if your Dishwasher or Washer decide hey it's time to flood this house you will be there to say no! Turn the power off at the box then the water, and give Layton's Appliance Repair a call. Prevent a lint fire by being home, awake and giving your dryer the proper maintenance it needs. Save yourself a huge headache and tons of money.

Remember when touching/working on anything that has electricity running to it even if it's not on, to unplug or turn the power off at the breaker first. Still it may not be labeled correctly, so try and turn it on before proceeding.

Disclaimer: Layton's Appliance Repair LLC and it's team are not liable for any injuries you may receive when servicing your appliances. When in doubt always call Layton's Appliance Repair, your appliance repair experts!

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